Thursday, March 17, 2011

Broken hearts.

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I got a new sewing kit lately. I even got a zipper thing so when i sew zippers, they are straight! YAYAYA Thanks Charmane.

Anyway, I recently got a game boy advance and several games. I love vintage things! I have loads of junk that my mother lets me buy, but I always give her my birthday and Christmas money :DD I love my parents <3

I have recently made something using my sewing kit. I call it, repairing hearts. I think these hearts are in people who are strong. Their hearts break, but they can put it back together again. They are fine quality paper with hook and eyes sewn into them, and a layer of pva glue (hahaa) on top of the paper for a shiny touch. I know. Why such a big fuss? I dont know! :D


  1. did somebody break your heart is that why you did this segment

  2. Hahaa, actually no. I was messing around with stuff in my bookshelf!


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